Are monthly payments necessary?

Monthly payments are not always necessary, but are an easy way to make a big purchase more affordable by breaking it down into a payment that is comfortable and works with your budget.

How are loan rates determined?

The rate for the loan depends on the amount borrowed, the length of the loan, and other factors such as your credit history. At any period during the loan you may opt to pay off the principal in its entirety, at which point the title of the vehicle is transferred to you.

Are loans available for used vehicles?

Yes, we can arrange everything onsite, making your shopping experience simple and hassle free. Our full service finance team represents all of the major banks and can negotiate all the best terms and conditions on your behalf.

Can extra fees and charges be financed?

Yes, registration, taxes, extended service plans and other supplemental charges may be included in the financing plan. Please check with your Financing Specialist for further details.

What are the other virtues of a loan?

Loans are also sensible for those who want to customize their vehicles, plan on keeping their cars for long periods of time and plan to re-sell their vehicles to help recoup the costs of ownership or expenses of additional cars. For those who quickly wear vehicles out, loans may be safer bets as lessors often add "excessive wear" charges if the car is returned with wear over the limits established by the contract.

What is Customer Choice Financing?

Customer choice financing is an alternative to conventional financing or leasing plans, it works just like a regular finance contract but with added flexibility...options!. This flexible loan product allows you to own your vehicle while still giving you the option to walk away at a fixed point in the contract term for a predetermined price.

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use your Line Of Credit.

Interest rates fluctuate with prime which can result in variable payments.

unknown interest rates and unknown terms.

Lines of Credit are designed for emergencies and investment opportunities.

don’t get caught without a backup plan.

Many Lines of credit are secured by your home; credit providers consider this a second mortgage.

default of payment for any reason allows the bank to repossess your home.

Lines of credit were designed as interest only loans.

interest only payments results in long term liabilities without assets.

Your credit line is a demand note.

your bank has the right to demand payment in full, at their discretion, at any time, with or without cause. If you do not have the cash to pay off your line the will use their “Right of Offset”.

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