What are the Available Accessories for the 2024 Dodge Durango?

Front side view of Durango with roof rack in snow environment

The Dodge Durango comes straight out the gate for 2024 performance-ready and primed to help you accomplish all of your daily tasks. But, there’s always more you can get out of a vehicle with properly installed accessories. What’s available to be added to the Dodge Durango in the form of Mopar accessories? Follow along with our team here at Hinton Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram as we outline the top categories of accessories available for the 2024 Dodge Durango.

Cargo & Hauling

From hitch balls to adapters, to cargo bags and baskets, there’s a ton that can be added to the Durango to improve its towing and hauling ability.

  • Categories:
    • Hitches & towing
    • Racks & carriers


From fobs to alarm kits, the Durango can be customized with audio/video and electronics that will make it more efficient and convenient.

  • Categories:
    • Security

Exterior Design

The Durango is bold and in charge coming right off our lot, but if you wish to change up its external appearance, there’s a ton that can be accomplished with the following categories.

  • Categories:
    • Covers
    • Exterior appearance
    • Locks
    • Protective guards
    • Running boards & side steps
    • Splash guards

Interior Design

Whether it be passenger health, comfort, cargo storage, security or more, there’s a litany of accessory upgrades that can make your Durango a better fit for all inside.

  • Categories:
    • Air purification
    • Cargo trays & mats
    • Floor mats
    • Seat & security covers
    • Storage

Vehicle Care

Scratches and marks can, unfortunately, happen too easily on your vehicle, but with these vehicle care products, you’ll be able to return it to its gorgeous condition with these handy products, helping you avoid needing larger repairs.

  • Categories:
    • Mopar
    • Touch up paint

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