2025 Ramcharger REx Preview

Side view of Ramcharger

Ram continues to advance and evolve what it means to drive and own a pickup truck in 2025 and beyond. Introducing the all-new 2025 Ramcharger REx, a new EV brought forth through the Ramcharger look. Explore its electric ability, long-range, simple charging, and, of course, its thrilling power and performance features. Read on with our Hinton Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram team as we preview what you can expect out of the 2025 Ramcharger REx through its top two pillars of performance and electric charging.

Performance Features

The 2025 Ramcharger REx is powered through its dual 400-volt Electric Drive Modules, alongside a 92 kWh battery. It takes all this power to accomplish all you typically need from a pickup, doing it more efficiently than ever, from towing to hauling and more.

  • Driving Range: up to 1,110 km (690 miles)
  • Horsepower: 663
  • Torque: 615 lb-ft
  • 0-98 kph (0-60 mph): 4.4 seconds
  • Maximum Payload: 1,179 kg (2,600 lbs)
  • Maximum Towing: 6,350 kg (14,000 lbs)
Close-up of Ramcharger logo

Smart Technology

A vehicle for 2025 demands to have the best technology available to make your drive a breeze. Consider these top tech features of the 2025 Ramcharger, here to ensure you’re better in tune with your pickup than ever before.

  • Hands-Free Active Driving Assist: this system will keep you in your lane and behind the vehicle in front of you with only minor inputs from you. It combines both Adaptive Cruise Control and Active Lane Management.
  • One Pedal Driving: using the Regenerative braking system, when you take your foot off the accelerator, not only will it reduce your speed by charging the truck battery at the same time.
  • Drive Modes: enjoy 7 different drive modes to suit your drive depending on the style you demand at the time. Charge-Depleting, Battery Hold, Electric, eAWD, eSport and Eco.

There are 3 easy ways to charge your Ramcharger REx, no matter where you are and what you need out of it.

  • Smart Charging Port: charge through Level 1, 2 or 3 DC Fast charge. It’s quick, easy, lockable, weatherproof, good outdoors and for year-round use.
  • Free2move: charge on the go with this charge app, connected to a network of public locations to charge. 
  • On-board Generator: this on-board generator found on the Ramcharger can recharge the 92 kWh battery on the go. It gets its power from the 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine.

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How was this taste of the game-changing 2025 Ramcharger REx? If you’re looking to learn more, and want to be one of the first in the area to drive the EV pickup when it’s released, connect with our Hinton Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram team to learn more.