Benefits of Changing Your Oil in Perth, ON

In order to keep your vehicle running at peak performance, you need to regularly change its oil. Neglecting your engine oil doesn’t only potentially lead to catastrophic engine problems – it can also void your warranty! So, what, exactly, are the benefits of making sure your oil is regularly replaced? The service experts here at Hinton Dodge Chrysler are happy to walk you through a few of the reasons why fresh oil leads to a healthy vehicle.

Engine Health

First and foremost, a clean engine is a more efficient engine. Dirty oil gets full of particulates which can build up in the engine, and cause friction and clogging. Fresh, clean oil slows the wear-and-tear on the engine by reducing that friction, and keeping the engine parts running cool  to prevent dangerous overheating. An engine which is running smoothly is an engine which will last longer.

Gas Mileage

A smooth running engine doesn’t only last longer, it runs better! When your engine isn’t working harder, it’s able to push out more energy, more efficiently. This translates to more horsepower coming out of the engine, and actual kilometers per liter on the road. If you want peak performance out of your vehicle, you should always make sure your engine oil is regularly changed.

Improved Emissions

An engine that isn’t full of particulate matter isn’t going to be emitting as many toxic hydrocarbons. An efficient engine isn’t just running better, it’s also running cleaner, and is much better for the environment.

Get Your Oil Changed in Perth, On

How often should you change your oil? Most vehicles have a recommended time or distance between changes, which should be listed in your owner’s manual. Many modern vehicles will even have an oil life monitor to alert you when it’s time to schedule some service. If you’re still not sure, twice a year is a good benchmark – in the spring to get summer ready, and in the fall to get winter ready. Naturally, your local dealership is best equipped to change your oil, as the factory certified technicians know your engine best. Be sure to book your next oil change with our service department today!