Honouring Legacy and Adventure: Jeep’s 80th Anniversary Celebrations at Hinton Dodge.

Jeep 80th Anniversary Edition models lined up in a row

Jeep, a name synonymous with off-road adventure and enduring legacy, marks its 80th anniversary with a celebration of its heritage through special edition models and exclusive customer benefits. Since its inception, the Jeep brand has been the epitome of rugged individualism and unyielding exploration, with a rich history that traces back to the battlefields of World War II. As we commemorate this remarkable milestone, Hinton Dodge is thrilled to introduce the special edition models that epitomize the brand’s adventurous spirit and innovative streak. We invite you to explore our broad inventory of new and used vehicles, and delve into the new vehicle specials on offer.

Special Edition Models

Jeep Wrangler 80th Anniversary Edition

This model is a tribute to the brand’s rugged heritage, featuring unique exterior and interior accents, alongside upgraded off-road capabilities, encapsulating the essence of Jeep’s adventurous spirit.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L 80th Anniversary Edition

Offering a blend of luxury and performance, this edition showcases a refined interior, distinctive exterior styling, and enhanced technological features, mirroring Jeep’s evolution over the decades.

Jeep Compass 80th Anniversary Edition

Reflecting a blend of compact efficiency and modern innovation, this model comes with unique aesthetic touches and upgraded tech features, making it a symbol of Jeep’s continual innovation.

Close-up on a Jeep Wrangler logo on the site of a Jeep vehicle

Customer Benefits

Jeep Wave Customer Care Program

As part of the 80th-anniversary celebration, enjoy an enhanced level of customer service and exclusive benefits through the Jeep Wave program, fostering a closer connection between the brand and its loyal community.

Jeep Adventure Academy

Enhance your off-roading skills and knowledge through the Jeep Adventure Academy, a unique opportunity to learn from the experts and deepen your appreciation for the outdoors.

Jeep Badge of Honour Program

Celebrate and share your off-road achievements with the Jeep Badge of Honor program, a community-driven platform that recognizes and rewards your adventurous spirit.

Celebrate Jeep’s 80th Anniversary at Hinton Dodge.

The 80th-anniversary celebration is more than just a commemoration of Jeep’s rich history; it’s a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation and fostering a passionate community of adventurers. We warmly invite you to visit Hinton Dodge to explore these special edition models and avail the exclusive customer benefits aimed at enhancing your ownership experience. Engage with us today, contact our knowledgeable team to schedule a test drive, and join us in celebrating eight decades of Jeep’s remarkable journey. The legacy of adventure beckons, and Hinton Dodge is your gateway to becoming a part of this enduring story.