What to Do if Your Windshield Cracks

Broken windshield of a car. A web of radial splits, cracks on the triplex windshield. Broken car windshield, damaged glass with traces of oncoming stone on road or from bullet trace in car glass

We’ve all been there – you’re headed down the highway when a passing vehicle sends a rock bouncing off your windshield. Now you’ve got a chip – or worse, a crack on the glass. The bad news is, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. The good news is, often such damage is easily mitigated before it gets worse. The parts and service team here at Hinton Dodge Chrysler are happy to help explain what you should do just as soon as you notice some damage on your windshield.

Inspect your Windshield

As soon as anything impacts your windshield, you should take a moment to look at it. Automotive glass is pretty resilient, and there’s a good chance it took the impact without any problems. However, if you notice any new damage – chips, or small cracks – you’ll want to get that looked at promptly. If the impact causes the glass to spiderweb, a major crack appears, or there is a deep chip in the glass, it may no longer be advisable to drive your vehicle. If any damage is compromising your visibility, safely pull over, and contact roadside assistance immediately.

Take it for Service, Promptly

Even if you only took some superficial damage to your windshield, you want to get it repaired just as soon as possible. If you wait on windshield damage, it could get worse, and a minor repair could turn into a costly replacement. Changes in temperature cause glass to expand and contract, and that can cause minor cracks or chips to expand across the entire windshield if they haven’t been filled.

Are You Insured?

If the damage to your windshield is costlier than a little repair work, you may consider getting in contact with your insurance company. Many insurers offer fairly comprehensive coverage, and auto glass may be included. Making a claim through your insurance company might cover the cost of a windshield replacement, or at least cut the cost significantly.

What Can Be Repaired?

Not every bit of damage to the windshield requires that you replace it outright. Small cracks and chips can be repaired before they get worse. Shallow chips under two inches wide can be filled in, and a crack under about six inches can be fixed. Anything worse than that, and you’re probably looking at a replacement. Also, you likely won’t be without your vehicle for long during the repair process! A small repair could take mere minutes, and even a lengthier windshield replacement doesn’t usually take more than a day.

We’ll say it one more time – don’t think a minor crack or chip on your windshield isn’t worth the effort to get fixed. A simple repair that takes minutes could save you hundreds of dollars down the road if taken care of quickly! If you’ve got some damage on your windshield, book a service appointment, today, and our incredible service team here at Hinton Dodge Chrysler will take care of it for you as soon as possible.