Mopar Accessory Recommendations for Your Ram

The Ram is a quality truck, whether you’re driving a 1500, or a heavy-duty 3500. When you shop for accessories for it, then, you want something of equal quality. Genuine Mopar accessories are the way to go for any Ram truck, and we carry them here at Hinton Dodge Chrysler. But which accessories are best for your truck? We run down a few recommendations to help you kit out your ride just the way you like it.

Bed Accessories

First and foremost, if you have a truck, you’re probably doing some hauling. While the Ram features a pretty durable bed, Mopar offers numerous options to make it tougher and better. This includes skid-resistant bedliners, protective bed mats, and cab protector racks to keep shiting objects in the bed from damaging your rear window. You can also keep your bed protected from the outdoors with an available tonneau cover.

Exterior Accessories

In addition to bed accessories, sometimes you just want to give your exterior a little more protection or style. On the more practical end, available air deflectors help keep debris away from your windows and mirrors, and splash guards help you from kicking up as much muck behind you. Lighting can be improved thanks to off-road and bed lighting kits. Other options include body graphics, chrome moldings, side steps, bed steps, and running boards.

Interior Accessories

Moving from the outside, the interior of your Ram also has an assortment of available options. Premium floor mats and seat covers help protect the cabin from outdoor debris, while locking storage spaces and consoles give you additional space to stash your stuff. The Ram also has an available air purifier to help make breathing in the cabin a bit easier.

Towing and Hauling Accessories

Last but not least, Ram trucks can be outfitted with additional cargo towing and hauling accessories. These include a variety of trailer hitches and mounts, but also includes a bed extender and utility rails for the bed. Additional durable truck bed storage, and convenient cargo dividers can help you carry more, and keep it better organized.

Mopar also offers a roadside safety kit, if you don’t want to assemble one yourself. If there’s a particular accessory you’re interested in, you can contact our parts department, or shop online, today! If you need assistance installing your new accessories, you can book a service appointment, today, so the team here at Hinton Dodge Chrysler can get you back on the road as soon as possible.