Ensure Your Car is Always Ready With Hinton Dodge’s Battery Maintenance Service.

Welcome to Hinton Dodge, your go-to destination for all your car maintenance needs. One of the most critical components of your vehicle is the battery, and neglecting it can lead to costly repairs. That’s why we offer a range of battery maintenance services to keep your car’s battery in top condition. Our team of experts has years of experience working with all types of batteries, ensuring that your car is always running smoothly. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of battery maintenance and how Hinton Dodge can help you.

Signs of Dying Battery

Your car battery is one of the key components to its functionality, so when it begins to fail, it can lead to significant complications for your vehicle. Some common symptoms of a failing car battery may include slow starting your engine when starting it for the first time, dimmed headlights and an overly full or bloated or leaking battery; it is imperative to get this checked by a professional immediately if this is observed in any of its forms.




Types of Battery Maintenance

There are various forms of maintenance our professionals can perform on your car battery to extend its lifespan and ensure its optimal condition. One key step involves cleaning off corrosion from battery terminals – doing this can prevent electricity flow being hindered as a result. Other essential services include inspecting water levels, as low levels could potentially cause damage to battery plates, and finally, making sure your car battery is charged regularly so as to extend its lifespan further.




Benefits of Regular Battery Maintenance

Battery maintenance has many advantages for vehicle owners and operators, from increasing lifespan and fuel economy, to early identification of problems before they escalate and become costly to repair,or event result in a breakdown on the road. By performing regular battery checks on a regular schedule, battery maintenance can extend its lifespan while improving fuel economy by decreasing strain on the electrical system, lessening the amount of gasoline consumed per mile driven. Regular checks also identify any potential issues before they worsen, preventing costly repairs or breakdowns from taking place further down the line.




Attempted DIY Maintenance

While DIY battery maintenance might seem appealing, doing it on your own carries several potential dangers that should not be ignored. Acid burns and electrical shocks are two serious dangers associated with handling car batteries improperly; without knowledge or training in their care, you could even end up damaging the electrics on the car itself! For your own and the car’s sake, it would be prudent to leave battery care up to our professionals.

Hinton Dodge offers comprehensive battery maintenance services designed to keep your car battery performing at peak levels. Our expert staff can inspect, clean and test it to make sure that it’s functioning as designed; replacement with high-quality products from trusted brands is also an option if required.

Schedule An Appointment for battery Maintenance

Don’t put off having your battery checked until it is too late – book an appointment with Hinton Dodge’s battery maintenance experts now, and keep your car running smoothly for years! Reach out now to learn about our battery maintenance services, and discover how they can help optimize its potential!




Here are four tips and tricks to assist you in maintaining your car battery.

Clean the Terminals Regularly

Over time, battery terminals may become corroded and inhibit electricity flow. To avoid this scenario, regularly use a wire brush to scrub down and clean your terminals to remove any buildup.

Drive Your Car Often

Even short trips can help ensure its charge doesn't drain away too quickly.

Store Your Car Properly

When it comes to long-term storage of a vehicle, taking steps to maintain battery charge is essential. Consider using a battery tender or disconnecting the battery completely to stop its discharge while in storage.

Have Your Battery Tested Regularly

Even if your battery seems fine, it's still wise to have it tested periodically so as to detect any potential issues and save yourself the trouble and expense of repairs in the future. A simple battery test could reveal any hidden dangers which may require costly repairs later on.

Hinton Dodge

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