Wheel Alignment

Alignment Service

Our service department is more than ready for the busy fall season ahead and their all new state-of-the-art wheel alignment service center is just the right answer to cure a lot of winter steering/suspension woes.

Introducing the Geoliner 770

Meet the GeoLiner 770

Few drivers ever consider having an alignment inspection completed as a precaution, but getting wheel geometry specs verified every year, especially after pot-holed and under construction roads, is key to prolonging tire life, improving fuel economy, and increasing road safety. Even if no wheel impacts have occurred, the normal settling of any vehicle's suspension with age can adversely affect wheel alignment.

Our Service Team selected Hoffman's Geoliner 770 equipment as their choice to upgrade wheel alignment capabilities. This specialized system takes the guess work out of any alignment task in record time. From alignment specs to tech bulletins on almost anything on 4 wheels, we have your steering/suspension service needs covered.

So, if you and your ride successfully survived another Canadian Season, reward yourself and your daily driver with an alignment verification service at Hinton Dodge Chrysler.

Pothole Alignment Repair

The money you save (in extended tire life and improved fuel economy) will be your own.