Why are Coolant Flushes Important?

Coolant is an important part of your vehicle’s engine. A hard working engine generates heat, especially in the hot summer months, and if it overheats it can cause damage, or even failure. These can be costly repairs, and they’re pretty easily avoided just by making sure there’s coolant in the engine to keep the temperature down. But if you’ve already got coolant there, why does it need to be regularly replaced? Read on with the service experts here at Hinton Dodge Chrysler, as we explain why a coolant flush is occasionally necessary.

Why Should I Flush My Coolant?

Like most other fluids in your vehicle, coolant can get dirty, accumulating contaminants and particulate matter as the vehicle is used. Flushing the system – not just draining and refilling it – clears out all that matter, ensuring the fresh coolant works better for longer, and can extend the lifetime of your engine.

How Often Should I Get My Coolant Flushed?

The good news is modern coolant and vehicles are very efficient and don’t need to be flushed often. Unlike your oil, or filters, you should only need a proper coolant flush once your new vehicle hits roughly 160,000km. If you’re buying a used vehicle with high mileage on it, you might consider asking if the coolant has been flushed recently – and if not, you might consider scheduling a coolant flush sooner than later.

Are There Signs My Coolant Should Be Replaced?

There are a few signs your vehicle might be due for new coolant. First off, engine coolant should be clear – if it’s visibly cloudy or murky, it might be full of contaminants and in need of replacement. Another good sign there’s a problem with your coolant is if your vehicle begins to regularly overheat. That might be a sign your coolant level is low – which may also indicate a coolant leak, which is a more serious problem that should be looked into as soon as possible.

Get Your Coolant Flushed in Perth, ON

When the time comes to flush your coolant, leave it to the experts! Book a service appointment with our certified service team here at Hinton Dodge Chrysler. We can check your fluid levels, flush your coolant, take care of any leaks, and get you safely back on the road in no time.